What Is Root Canal Treatment?

Root Canal Treatment (RCT) is the dental treatment required to save a tooth. When decay (caries) goes beyond the 2 layers of the tooth, Enamel and Dentine, it reaches the innermost chamber of the tooth- PULP CHAMBER. The pulp chamber contains the blood vessels, nerve tissue and lymphatic tissue. 

When the pulp chamber of the tooth is exposed, the tooth can not be filled by normal fillings. The pulp chamber and the root canal needs to be cleaned and filled in till the apex of the root.

The root canal treatment procedure involves 3 steps (root canal treatment steps)

Step : 1


The patient is given Local Anesthetic. The tooth is drilled into until the chamber is reached. Once the pulp chamber is open, the pulp tissue from the chamber is removed and the openings of the canal are negotiated. An X ray is taken with files inside the canals to determine the length of the roots

Dr Pramila, Root Canal Treatment Specialist in Noida performing a RCT on a patient

Step : 2


Different teeth have different number of roots and canals. The canals are negotiated, cleaned and enlarged to a specific size. Explained in the  root canal treatment video  

Step : 3


The cleaned canals are then filled up with a special filling material called GUTTA PERCHA upto the ends of the roots. The rest of the tooth is then filled up with a permanent filling material to seal the tooth completely.

Dr Pramila, Root Canal Treatment Specialist in Noida performing a RCT on a patient

Following are a few FAQs about Root Canal Treatment

1. Is RCT painful procedure ?

Most RCTs are done under Local Anesthesia to avoid any discomfort / pain to the patient. The tooth and the surrounding area is numb during the procedure. Some patients feel sensitivity during the drilling process. During the treatment, a course of antibiotics and painkillers are prescribed to the patient to manage the post operative pain/tenderness in the tooth.

2. How many sittings are required in Root canal process ?

Rcts can be done in a single sitting, 2 sittings or multiple sittings. Depending on the condition of the tooth and the extent of infection in a tooth, the treatment is planned. Generally dentists are able to finish a case in 2 sittings.

3. Is a crown/cap necessary after RCT ?

Depends on the amount of original tooth structure remaining. If majority of the tooth structures or esthetics is lost either due to decay/fracture/drilling during treatment, a crown/cap is necessary to restore the original tooth structure, shape and look.

4. How much does a RCT cost (in Delhi , Noida) ?

The cost of the treatment depends on the clinical set up , the dentist’s skills and equipment being used. The RCT price can range from Rs 3500/- to Rs 7000/- per tooth.

5. When is a Re-Rct required ?

Re-Rct is required when the tooth gets infected again, either due to incomplete cleaning or filling of canals or due to infection from the gums. Maintaining a good oral hygiene also plays a important role in the success of any dental treatment.

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