Everything About Wisdom Tooth Extraction

The 3rd Molars or generally known as the Wisdom Teeth. They come out in the oral cavity anywhere between the age of 18years to 30years.

Learn everything to know about wisdom tooth extraction through this article. 

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How are Wisdom Teeth different from the rest of the teeth ?

Wisdom Tooth X-Ray
Wisdom teeth generally have more complicated anatomy than the rest of the teeth.
Multiple roots, the curvature of the roots, and the tooth’s position in the jaw bone are some of the factors that make the wisdom tooth different.

Why do we have Wisdom Tooth Pain ?

Wisdom teeth cause problems in 2 conditions –

  1. When the tooth is erupting or trying to erupt, causing pain and swelling in the surrounding area.
  2. Decayed/carious tooth.
Wisdom Tooth X-Ray

Why are Wisdom teeth extractions more complicated ?

Most  Wisdom teeth Impact the bone, especially the lower wisdom teeth. It means that a part of the tooth, or the majority of the tooth structure is still embedded inside the bone.

The tooth tilts to the front , the back, lying horizontally or completely inside the bone.

What does a Wisdom Tooth Extraction Surgery involve ?

A wisdom tooth extraction does not necessarily have to be a surgical procedure. If the tooth completely erupts, it might not need surgical intervention.

A partially embedded tooth in the bone requires surgical intervention.

Are Wisdom Tooth Extractions painful ?

Wisdom teeth

Extracting wisdom teeth requires local anesthesia with a cover of Antibiotics and Painkillers. 

Post-surgery some amount of pain persists. The severity depends upon the complexity of the surgery.

Wisdom teeth

What X rays are required before the extraction ?

Different diagnostic aids are available for planning a Wisdom tooth extraction.
IOPA X rays, OPG X rays and CBCT scans are some of the generally used aids to plan the surgery.
CBCT Scans give us a detailed view of the tooth, the number of roots, the curvature of the roots, and the location of the Inferior Alverior Nerve Canal.

How much does Wisdom Tooth Extraction cost in Delhi, Noida ?

Depending on the complexity of the case, the cost can vary. The Wisdom tooth extraction surgery price can range from 5000/- to 8000/- per tooth.

What are the precautions after a Wisdom Tooth Extraction ?

The dentist will give the patient a set of instructions to follow after the extraction.  Click on the link below for POST EXTRACTION INSTRUCTIONS

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